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From the start you took what I consider a complex system and explained it in a very comprehensive manner. From day one, you led me through the process and you were always extremely accurate with the anticipated results. Your guidance was thorough and you prepared me in a manner that made me comfortable and confident. Your response to my calls and emails was very timely and I appreciated that I never felt rushed in our communication. Furthermore, your very flexible and accommodating manner was truly appreciated with my restricted schedule. I applaud the manner in which you – and your efficient paralegal, Linda – handled all aspects of my case. The end result further testifies to your fine ability to lead and advise – although always allowing the decisions to be mine. I thank you and will recommend you in a heartbeat given any opportunity. My sincere thanks to you and the very reputable firm you represent.

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Mike and Cassie, I would like to sincerely thank you both for taking my case and believing in me over the last couple of years. Working constantly in a team environment it is clear that you and Cassie make a great team!!!
I am glad I chose Brown and Jacobson to review and handle my case. I would certainly recommend your firm to anyone involved with legal issues.

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Awesome Employment Lawyer – Michael was a real pleasure to work with. I had a difficult situation presented to me and of all the Lawyers I contacted Michael was willing to listen to me, meet with me at NO COST and provided me valuable information. I never felt like I was wasting his time. He was engaged the whole time and really helped answer my questions. He was even available after hours to answer questions.

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The biggest thing  about having Michael as your attorney is if you have questions, he makes sure he explains it in detail so you can understand it.  There is a lot of attorney talk that people don’t understand and can’t decipher. Michael  breaks it down so you can understand it.  He’s a great guy. I recommended both my brothers to him. They are both super happy. He’s a great guy and he gets results. Linda was there when I first started seeing Mike, about 15 years ago. She takes care of you.  She does a thorough job and if she can’t answer something, she lets me know that I need to talk to Mike. But, she knows a lot.

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I was fortunate to have hired Attorney Michael Colonese in an employment case. Michael and the team of Cassie Jameson and Linda Slonski worked tirelessly to find a resolution. They provided emotional support to me when I felt overwhelmed and, at times, defeated. The legal advice they gave me was in language easily understood, concise and honest. They never made me feel I had to “settle” but wanted what was best for me. If anyone ever asked me for a competent and caring lawyer’s name, I would be happy to recommend the team of Michael Colonese, Cassie Jameson and Linda Slonski.

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Ron, Colchester Attorney


I frequently refer clients to the attorneys at Brown Jacobson on matters involving workers’ compensation, litigation, and other areas in which I do not practice. When I make these referrals, I do so knowing that my clients will get advice of the highest caliber. I am consistently impressed with the collective knowledge and skills of Brown Jacobson attorneys and they are always extremely responsive to my clients’ needs.

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New London

He takes his time with you. He’s very personal. When you sit with him, he doesn’t have a computer typing while you are talking. He looks at you. He talks to you. He’s listening to you . When you get there, you feel like they care. You are not just a number. You are a person and they are going to do the best for you.

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I was referred to him by another friend who fell off a roof and broke his ankle.  My friend told me Michael would take care of me, and he did.  He always returned my calls, He was very prompt. I didn’t have to wait weeks to hear from him. They even called when they didn’t have information just to let me know they were still working on it. Just to let me know I hadn’t been forgotten and left on the side the way I was feeling before I called Michael.

I referred my brother to Michael. He had a conveyer break both his legs. Michael looked at the case and told my brother he didn’t need a lawyer because his employer was doing everything that they were supposed to. Michael didn’t charge him any money. It was very nice of him.

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I love the way he is with us. He always listens. That’s what I want with an attorney. When you suggest something, he says, ‘It’s up to you.’ He gives us a chance to think. He says, ‘You can decide later. You can call us back.’ They are very accommodating to whatever you need. Plus they are punctual. Whenever I have an appointment at their office, I never have to wait. I love that the service is excellent.

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When a ladder was accidently kicked out from under him, Michael fell off the side of a roof and broke his hip. It was four years before he was back at work.

Michael Zavistoski was referred to Michael Colonese by a friend. “He’s not like the TV lawyers. He doesn’t pressure you. He explains everything in the process which was very helpful to me.”

Michael’s case became more complicated when the insurance company rejected his claim regarding a back injury in addition to his broken hip.

Around seven months later, Michael Colonese was able to resolve the issues with the insurance company.

When asked what he would tell a friend about Michael Colonese, he didn’t hesitate and exclaimed, “He’s the best lawyer on the planet.”

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Three weeks after Matt had injured his wrist, the workman’s comp insurance company still had not returned his calls.

Matt’s wrist was swollen. It hurt, and he had to create a cardboard cast with duct tape, so he could continue working.

One day after Matt retained Michael Colonese, he had an MRI and his physical therapy appointments were scheduled. “The relief and stress went away immediately.”

“I was doing landscaping at the time and when I went to their office at the end of the day I was completely tarred up, dirty, sweaty,” explained Matt. “I always felt welcome.”

The injury was serious. He had a torn ligament and lost 10% usage of his wrist. Matt went back to school, earned his degree, and now has work that doesn’t demand 100% “hands-on.”

Not only was the firm able to expedite Matt’s medical care, he says, “They were also about to get me a few bucks.”

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Gloria was injured after her car was rear-ended while on vacation in Puerto Rico. The other driver did not have insurance.

Even though Michael Colonese is not bilingual he was the only attorney Gloria called. That’s because he had helped her in the past with a work-related injury and he helped some of her family members as well.

“I’ve worked with other attorneys. Michael is different. He goes above and beyond. If he can’t help you. He finds help. I asked him for help with a family situation in Massachusetts. Even though his firm doesn’t have any attorneys there, he made calls to find someone for me. He didn’t charge me anything for that. He could have just handed me the name but that’s not how he works.”

Despite the language barrier, Michael was able to reach a settlement that Gloria wanted. “I got everything I asked for.”

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Jack rode his bike 40-60 miles every Sunday until a car cut him off in the middle of an intersection.

Jack had the right of way. If he had been going his normal speed of 25-40 miles an hour through the intersection, the results might have been very different.

Fortunately for Jack, he had slowed down to -10-12 miles an hour. Even at those lower speeds, Jack says, “You still get banged up pretty bad.”

Until the accident, the only interaction Jack had with an attorney was when he bought a house.

While Jack’s injuries were exactly the kind of case TV Personal Injury Lawyers promise lucrative settlements, Jack chose a different approach. After talking to a friend who had worked with Mike Colonese, Jack approached him to help with his case.

“Right from the start I felt comfortable, said Jack. “He keeps his clients up to date. I always knew where I stood.”

It’s very easy in this country to get a bad opinion of attorneys. I’m a low-key person. I don’t need someone yelling from the rooftops. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike.”